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“The world risks sleep-walking into a space war” – reports the Times of London

Cosmos 2543 is a Russian satellite 600 km above the earth. For months the US has tracked 2543 because its actions raised alarm in Washington when it moved close to an American spy satellite.

On July 15 US suspicions were confirmed when 2543 fired a projectile out across space. 2543 was no ordinary satellite – it was a potential ‘killer’. In October 1957 Sputnik 1 circled the earth for three weeks reminding the entire World of the technological power of the Soviet Union.
It was a wake-up call to America and the West. Perhaps 2543 should be seen as another such wake-up call?

Russia denies testing new military space technology. However, 2543 has confirmed the West’s concern that space is set to become the new battleground between the Big Powers of US, Russia & China, for Global Supremacy (See China’s own GPS-BeiDou). The capabilities of 2543 and the Russian technological potential to attack another satellite, hark back to Ronald Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ plans for US space military capabilities.