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‘Hats Off’ to NATO and its Secretary General for succeeding where the politicians and diplomats of Ankara and Athens have failed. NATO succeeded today in de-escalating a potentially dangerous conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean, where both Governments can only indulge in a barrage of jingoistic/ nationalist rhetoric.

NATO press release today says:

“Following a series of technical meetings between the Military Representatives of Greece and Turkey at NATO Headquarters in Brussels a bilateral military de-confliction mechanism is designed to reduce the risk of incidents and accidents in the Eastern Mediterranean. It includes the creation of a hotline between Greece and Turkey to facilitate de-confliction at sea or in the air”.

Military Representatives is NATO speak for soldiers, so today those same soldiers made Peace not War. An international success story that perhaps is a sign for the future.

Maybe NATO’s efforts at ‘military diplomacy ‘to build a stronger and safer world through the ‘Partnership for Peace’, is not the liberal/socialist endeavour that US and especially its present Government condemns.