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The move by Budapest and Warsaw was hardly surprising. The two governments have been fighting a long and protracted battle with Brussels against the EU’s Rule of Law mechanism.

In April 2019 the EU Commission in Brussels in response to a wide-ranging debate amongst member states and especially following determined pressure from the EU Parliament, initiated action to strengthen the Rule of Law to uphold the fundamental rights and values of the EU. Something which the current governments in Budapest and Warsaw have been chipping away for several years much to the dismay of the majority of EU Member States.

Brussels is no stranger to serious disagreement between members whether it is about money or the fair distribution of refugees. In the end member states find a compromise.

This time it is clear there is little if any sympathy for Victor Orban the Hungarian right-wing populist prime minister, or the Polish string puller Jaroslav Kacryiski. The other 25 members are in no mood to compromise.

The mood of the EU Parliament is “that we owe it to the opposition and civil society in Hungary and Poland to insist that both countries adhere to the principles of the Rule of Law and the fundamental values of the EU”.

20 Nov 2020