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“US military eyes new generation of space weapons”, reports the Financial Times in London.

In June Beijing has completed its constellation of 35 BeiDou third generation satellites to power China’s alternative to America’s GPS.

Military and civilian satellites play a crucial role in both US defence and the Global Economy. Military planners worry that now with its own GPS (BeiDou), China could disable US satellite systems in the event of armed confrontation. An idea a decade ago that seemed preposterous, but now?

US concern is China’s growing extra-terrestrial capabilities.

In 2007 China launched a missile to successfully destroy an old unused satellite in low earth orbit.
The number of China’s space launches is growing – 32 last year with 40 reported forecasts for this year alone.

China promotes BeiDou as an alternative to GPS as part of its ‘belt and road’ initiative to build trade and political ties across Eurasia.

Beijing is reported to have already approved a military version of BeiDou for Pakistan!
Today China announced the successful launch & recovery of a reusable experimental spacecraft from the Jiuquan Satellite Centre.